This World

“Some people choose to see the ugliness in this world, the disarray. I choose to see the beauty. To believe there is an order to our days. A purpose.”
Dolores Abernathy, HBO’s Westworld: Season One.

And here’s some Westworld Fan Art! I’ve been a major Westworld enthusiast since the first season aired. Maeve has always been hands down my favourite character (I plan on drawing her eventually), but Dolores Abernathy’s storyline and character progression has always appealed to me more. In this Westworld Fan Art, I wanted to portray Dolores’ Awakening in Season One. This was done with her emotionless face (and cool tones in her eyes) contrasting with the burning trees (offset with warmer tones) in the chaotic background.

The artwork was inked with Copic liners and shaded with Copic markers (warm grey for the skin, hair and background, cool grey for the eyes and dress.) Final colours were added in Photoshop.

Daenaerys Targaryen Thumbnail Colour Me Ren

The First Of Her Name

“Why do the Gods make kings and queens, if not to protect the ones who can’t protect themselves?”
Daenerys Targaryen, A Song of Ice and Fire. A Storm of Swords, Chapter 27.

The one thing that Game of Thrones does right is their main characters costumes. Our awe-inspiring Khalessi’s wardrobe is beautiful, and I wanted to create a Daenaerys Targaryen Fan Art of my favourite dress.

I personally don’t know how I feel about season 8 of Game of Thrones. As I’ve explained in my Broad Strokes: Our Game of Thrones (aSoIaF) Endgame article, certain missing characters from the books (amongst other things, namely bad writing) have made this last season feel rushed and all over the place. Not to mention the characters are ridiculously out of character. We have well and truly left the realm of GRRM’s books my friends.

Gripes aside, I’m posting my Daenerys Targarygen fan art to celebrate The Mother of Dragons before D&D ruin her in episode 5 :/