The Little Mermaid: Part of the Fairytale Reimagining Series by Renae Metaxas (Colour Me Ren)

Fervor: A Little Mermaid Reimagining

The first artwork I designed for the Winsor and Newton ProMarker range campaign was my take on The Little Mermaid 🧜‍♀️ This artwork changed drastically from the initial sketch to the final design: from my mermaid’s ethnicity (she was initially African in my first sketch, which later changed to Korean), her tail and outfit design, to removing the background altogether. This first piece helped shape the remainder of my fairytale series ❤️

I spent a lot of time researching Korean mythology for my Little Mermaid reimagining, of which dragons stood out 🐉 Dragons in Korea are primarily benevolent beings related to water. They are believed to bring rain and clouds, with many Korean dragons residing in rivers, lakes, or oceans. 🌊 Knowing this, I incorporated a dragon-inspired tail to her design that offset well with her coral top. I redrew her tail multiple times to make it flow and balance the artwork naturally.

Tags: Original Art